By Leonard Ncube

Catholic youths were encouraged to exercise their voting right during the Maria Unchena pilgrimage..jpg
Catholic youths were encouraged to exercise their voting right during the Maria Unchena pilgrimage.

YOUTHS in the church have been encouraged to register as voters for them to exercise their Constitutional right to vote.

A Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) representative Shamani Chananda was given an opportunity soon after Mass at St. Mary’s Shrine in Lukosi, Hwange Diocese to address congregants where she urged people to ensure they are registered and their details are correctly captured.

“We are from ZEC and we are here to encourage all those that registered to go to polling stations in areas where they registered to check their names. Last year when registration started, there are a lot of youths who were below 18 and are now 18 years old. You should take proof or residence and ID and go to register as voters,” said Chananda.

ZEC has been carrying out continuous voter registration around the country while inspection of the voters roll closed on Tuesday 29 May 2018.

Chananda said people should still visit registration centres dotted in each ward where they should either register or check if their names, full details, surname, ID number, polling station, ward, gender and photo are correctly captured.

Catholics in the Diocese of Hwange every year honour Mary, the Mother of Jesus by through a pilgrimage to St. Mary’s Shrine where they gather to offer supplications through her intercession.


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