Srs. Hilda Madzimure LCBL, Francisca Matongo LCBL, Fiona Chibange LCBL and Flonce Muchingami LCBL celebrated 25 years. 

This year, six Little Children of the Blessed Lady (LCBL) Sisters celebrated their silver and golden jubilee respectively at Regina Mundi, Highfields in Harare. Sr. Hilda Madzimure LCBL, Sr. Francisca Matongo LCBL, Sr. Fiona Chibange LCBL and Sr. Florence Muchingami LCBL celebrated 25 years in the service of the Church as Catholic nuns. Sr. Maxima Vambe LCBL and Sr. Bonifatia Maparanyanga LCBL celebrated 50 years as handmaids of the Lord. Srs. Madzimure, Matongo, Chibange and Muchingami joined the LCBL congregation some 25 years ago while Sr. Vambe and Sr. Maparanyanga entered the institute in 1968.

Sr. Maxima Vambe LCBL and Sr. Bonifatia Maparanyanya LCBL who celebrated their golden jubilee in the LCBL Congregation.

Sr. Madzimure is currently stationed in Murewa where she works with the Ministry of Education, Sr. Matongo works at Makumbi Mission as a Catechist and Sr. Chibange is a teacher at St. Michael’s Mission in Mhondoro while Sr. Florence Muchingami is the Junior Mistress responsible for supervising all junior sisters in the LCBL congregation.  Sr. Vambe is a retired teacher now stationed at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Chivhu where she is involved in pastoral work while Sr. Bonifatia Maparanyanga, also a retired teacher works as pastoral worker and catechist at St. Richard’s Murambinda.

The sisters celebrated their commitment to God and the Church during holy mass presided for them on 21 April 2018.


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