Story from Caritas Masvingo

Caritas Pic 3
Sydney, Gibson and Isheunesu Mavuto who benefited from WFP-Caritas Lean Season Programme implemented in Chivi District.

, the grandsons of Prisca (64 years) and Mathias Mavuto (75years) in Wadyachido village from Zvamapere Ward 10 under Chief Madyangove of Chivi District have seen wonders in the improvement of their health recorded during the implementation of the Lean Season Assistance (LSA) programme in the District funded by the World Food Programme (WFP). The three had suffered from malnutrition as their guardians were having challenges in fending for the family. In October 2017, the household was registered under the above-mentioned programme and received a ration of $70 in lieu of food commodities and Super Cereal Plus (CSB++) for the under-fives.

Caritas Pic 6
Mathias and Prisca Mavuto pictured with their grandchildren.

Super Cereal became the natural remedy for the undernourished children in Chivi District including Sydney, Isheunesu and Gibson and reduced family expenses on medication as the children were prone to diseases due to poor nourishment. The change in the health status was also made possible by the additional foods purchased by the grandparents from the cash received in the same programme.  Isheunesu has gained weight from 6kg before the programme in October to 14kgs in March 2018. The child is also now joyous and looks very healthy.

 “I just don’t know how Isheunesu recovered. I just cannot explain it. Ever since the kids started receiving super cereal, their health has improved,” testified Mrs. Mavuto as she confirmed the importance of Super Cereal to children’s health.

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